Postman Fundamentals

Postman Fundamentals


Postman Fundamentals is a 3.5 hour course that provides you with the foundations of using Postman to test your application APIs. 


For most users, Postman is a tool that sends requests to an API and shows you the response. Or in other words, a very fancy version of cURL. However Postman is much more than that. In this short three hour introductory course, we start you on a journey from being someone who uses around 5% of the product to someone who has a broader understanding of the product and its benefits in API development and testing. 

Users will start off by learning the Postman concepts and terminology. They then proceed to learn how to create requests and send them to an API. After this they will organize requests into collections and configure environments and variables to make requests more re-useable. The course will also introduce students to API testing by writing JavaScript. Students will also have a chance to collaborate with each other by using the Postman team workspace feature.


3.5 hours


At the end of the course, students will be able to:

  • Describe Postman concepts
  • Send API requests
  • Organize requests into collections
  • Configure variables and environments to allow Postman to re-use requests across different settings
  • Perform API testing using JavaScript
  • Use workspaces to collaborate


The course is aimed at users who are new to Postman or have not used Postman beyond sending a few API requests

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