Introduction to APIs

Introduction to APIs


An introduction to APIs, their importance in software development and at driving your business


Today's software is driven by APIs. References to APIs are everywhere in the world of software development. People in many different roles, technical and non technical, use and interact with APIs everyday. This course is an introduction to APIs for those that are working in an API team or company. To help students understand APIs, We introduce you to the terms and concepts encountered, such as REST, SOAP, CI/CD etc... and discuss the more commonly used API design patterns, such as microservices. You will also learn about the API lifecycle, from the design and mock phase through to the publishing phase, and see some of the tools that support the development of the API through each stage of the lifecycle.

By the conclusion of the course, you will have enough of a general understanding of what APIs are and why they are important. This should help you in your current role, whether it be engineering, sales, business anaylst or dev ops. 


3 hours


At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Outline the challenges of building modern software applications
  • Outline the layers of the API Development Loop framework
  • Describe your role within an API company
  • Describe the stages of the API development lifecycle
  • Describe the common patterns used in API development
  • Describe common terms and concepts such as CI/CD, requests, endpoints etc...
  • Outline different methods of collaboration within an API team (version control, documentation, mock designs and specs)
  • Outline the different tools that are used in the API development lifecycle


This course is designed for people with no previous Postman experience and minimal knowledge of APIs. It is suitable for both a technical and non technical audience. The course will give you the necessary background knowledge to progress into the Postman Fundamentals training course

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