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Postman Expert


Take your knowledge of Postman to the next level and fully realize the power of Postman as an API development environment


In this course, you will learn how Postman can be used as a complete API development environment. The course starts by introducing the Collection Runner. Students will use this to run and test the requests within a Collection. As part of these tests, students will also develope pre and post request scripts and use other advanced scripting techniques to build a workflow that replicates an actual application use case. Once students have a firm grasp of API testing, they will then learn to simulate a backend server using Postman mocks to help reduce development delays between front end and back end teams. API's also need extensive documentation and students will learn to write and publish the necessary docs for their API. After this, students will then focus on running their collections and API tests in the cloud, using Postman monitors and then integrate their collection runs into a continuous integration / continuous delivery process.


3.5 hours


At the completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Write scripts to build complex test cases and workflows
  • Use the collection runner to run those API tests
  • Create monitors to automate API testing by running collections in the cloud
  • Integrate Postman tests into a CI/CD process
  • Create and run mock servers to speed up your development process
  • Write and publish API documentation
  • Use the Postman API to interact with the Postman platform outside the Postman app


This course requires students to have some experience with Postman and / or have taken the Postman Fundamentals training course. At a minimum, students should be able to:

  • Navigate quickly to different parts of the Postman application UI
  • Create Requests and organize them into Collections
  • Use environment variables when sending a request
  • Write a basic test script to check a response

In addition to prior Postman experience, students should also be able to read, write JavaScript code and have a solid understanding of the structure of a HTTP request (i.e. request methods, common request headers etc...)

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